About The Shadowlands Pre-Patch Trailer

“And when she comes, our end begins” BOLVAR The Pre-Patch event for Shadowlands is close. As a little teaser has been released from Blizzard earlier. It not a hype-fuel though. More of a teaser for what is to come, just like a movie trailer. But still, it has some interesting little details. So, let’s diveOkumaya devam edin “About The Shadowlands Pre-Patch Trailer”

Why Sylvanas Is Not Garrosh but Illidan Instead?

After Sylvanas became a very offensive Warchief during War Of Thorns, most of the community united in a single voice and shouted ” Garrosh 2.0, Evil Warchief!!!” Until some point, this argument made sense, as Blizzard themselves scattered the breadcrumbs. Sylvanas’ disagreements with her advisors, training her special force- dark rangers- beneath Orgrimmar or -justOkumaya devam edin “Why Sylvanas Is Not Garrosh but Illidan Instead?”

Let’s Talk About The Slogan “For The Greater Good” and Grindelwald

It is a well-known fact that Gellert Grindelwald was the darkest wizard of wizarding history just before Voldemort appeared. As much as his reputation, very few is known about his history and real motivations. Considering our information is extremely limited about him ( mentioned at Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows book a few timesOkumaya devam edin “Let’s Talk About The Slogan “For The Greater Good” and Grindelwald”

Harry Potter; The Boy Who Lived and The Childhood

As a child who got used to reading thanks to the Harry Potter series, its been a long time since I read Harry Potter books and watch the movies. I was reading the whole series each year from start to finish (or at least until the latest book) until like 4-5 years ago. Then WarcraftOkumaya devam edin “Harry Potter; The Boy Who Lived and The Childhood”


Since the release of World Of Warcraft: Chronicles Volume 1, we are dealing with the Cosmic Chart of Warcraft. The fundamental part of our universe, and as said by Blizzard, we will delve to explore it, giving the start with Shadowlands. Recently I was thinking about the cosmological force Order and how it is soOkumaya devam edin “THE “DUALITY” OF THE COSMIC FORCES”

Death, The Jailer, Nathrezim, The Burning Legion, And The Relationship Between Them.

We may have some cosmic scaled problems ahead of us… I’ve been blogging for one and a half a year now. And my very first blog post was about “Why The Burning Legion Is At The Center Of The Warcraft Universe”. Due to I’ve recently started blogging fully English, I may need to explain aOkumaya devam edin “Death, The Jailer, Nathrezim, The Burning Legion, And The Relationship Between Them.”

Will Warcraft Lore Have Someone Equivalent Of The Architect?

Originally posted on Lorefreak:
“Choice, the problem is choice” It is almost certain that World Of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion; Shadowlands is a pure source of exciting and fresh lore. Throghout all the alpha testing, Blizzard hinted that they have something big in mind, that would push Warcraft lore into a new era. As the destruction…

Maldraxxus Had Something To Do With The Burning Legion

Since World Of Warcraft: Legion has ended, the majority of the Warcraft community convinced themselves that we will not see anything Legion related, ever again. But for like one and half a year, I have been insisting that without The Burning Legion, the Warcraft Universe would be incomplete. Those posts were all Turkish, so betterOkumaya devam edin “Maldraxxus Had Something To Do With The Burning Legion”

“The Path Is Flawed!”

“What we have done to him was not justice, it was vengeance” I was wondering why Blizzard still did not release a glorious animated cinematic series for Shadowlands, until now! And what a cinematic it had been! Truth be told, my expectations were not as high as for this one, compared to Revendreth or Ardenweald.Okumaya devam edin ““The Path Is Flawed!””


Originally posted on Lorefreak:
Selamlar! Witcher 3 övme serimize hız kesmeden devam ediyoruz. Karanlık, gizemli diyarımız Velenin görevlerini bitirdim (farklı seçimlerle) ve diyeceğim tek şey şu:  Bir insan yaptığı her seçimde başkalarının hayatını mahveder mi? Ediyormuş. Ben kimseye yardım etmesem daha iyi arkadaş! Özetle, eski bir arkadaşımız olan Keira Metz ile Ciri’nin izini sürmemizin ardından…