The Story Hints From Legion That No One Noticed: The “Maw” Of Souls

If you have been  following me for a long time I’m sure you are aware that I have been speculating about the direct connections between Death and The Void and claiming they are not actually enemies at all.

Well, today we will take a look back at Legion, The Maw Of Souls dungeon and the second boss of it -Harbaron- in particular. Hopefully I will keep this article short.

What was the actual purpose of the maw of souls?

First, let us  remember what The Maw Of Souls actually stands for:

“Amidst fog and mist, the cursed Vrykul await the Naglfar, a fearsome ship formed from sinew and bone, which comes to deliver these poor souls to Helheim, and the clutches of Helya.”

And Nagifar sails on a stormy, chaotic sea on its way to Helheim. So, when we defeat Ymiron, what does he say?

“Harbaron! Cast their souls into the tides!”

The tide… If you’ve played Battle For Azeroth, I’m sure you have realized the tide and the ocean were also associated with The Void and the darkest depths. Where as the people of Stormsong Valley believed, the darkest creatures awaits for them, turned out those creatures were actually Faceless Ones, the A’qir. So, in the culture of Kul’tirans, the depths should be feared while respected. Just like in our “culture” in real world in some way, the Cthulhu Mythos.

Moving on, we came across the second boss of the instance: Harbaron.

Harbaron was the ferryman of souls and the second boss of the instance. It’s said that his connection with Helya is unclear “but when the breeze catches Harbaron’s cloak, an expanse of shimmering stars unfolds beneath.”

So, what if Harbaron was also a Constellar?

Xal’atath had something to say about him as well:

It was thought his kind was incorruptible. A lesson from my brothers I suppose.”

So, Yogg-Saron once tried to corrupt Algalon himself?If you remember Algalon was the first Constellar we encountered in the lore. What are they?:

The constellar are a race of mysterious celestial beings who resemble large humanoid-shaped constellations. During the early ages of the universe, when the titan Pantheon brought order to countless worlds throughout the cosmos, the titan leader Aman’Thul called upon the constellar to observe the many worlds ordered by the Pantheon. The constellar stayed vigilant for any signs of instability, and, when necessary, initiated a fail-safe procedure to scour a planet of life and reset its evolutionary process.”

From Wowpedia

So a Constellar, Harbaron once worked with Helya for reasons unknown. And he says this during the boss battle:

“The flesh burdens the soul. A nuisance that must be flayed from your bones!

Another implication to flesh being actually a burden, a weakness. While Il’gynoth calls it “a gift of flesh” because becoming mortals granted us free will, it also weakened us a lot.

When we get into Helheim:

Helya and her cult are strong here. So close to the truth, yet so far.”

What is this “truth” she constantly referred to during Legion? Maybe the “truth” has been hidden in the sea, the depths? Or they are just metaphors? 

Well, another quote from our mysterious ferryman of souls:

Life… death… I am but one ripple in the eternal ebb and flow…”


Now it is I who must pay… the blood price!

The eternal ebb and flow, Fatescribe Roh-Kalo had a similar line in Sanctum Of Domination:

Eternity devours itself!

The represantation of Ouroboros from the map of the nameless Broker. The Cosmic Chart in the eyes of Death and most likely The First Ones. Ah, we will talk about them soon aswell.

So, this guy Harbaron knew about this cycle as well. And he was a debt collector, more specificly, blood/soul depth collector. And he was wielding a Cosmic Scythe.

Regardless, the connections between Helya, Odyn, Yogg-Saron thus the connections between Death and The Void are undeniable.

But of course, content creators still rely upon the idea of “Death and Void are enemies! No other way at all” thing just because of a single line back in Three Sisters, ridiculous.

So, why no one attracted attention to this details and this guy in particular so far? Well, because at the time of Legion we had almost zero knowledge about the Shadowlands and how it works. But as you can see, Blizzard put breadcrumbs back in Legion for the entire Shadowlands arc. Just like how N’zoth warned us about the actual plot about Shadowlands through the entire Battle For Azeroth…

So, the next time when someone say ” Blizzard’s lore is inconsistent! Retcons everywhere! They wrote Shadowlands lore in a month!” kindly send them this article… Because in truth, Legion, Battle For Azeroth and Shadowlands is a single story arc.

Also we still do not know about Loken’s last words to Odyn. It seems when we learn the truth about the entire Helya-Odyn arc, the Pandora’s box will open…

Just like how “All eyes shall be opened.”

14 thoughts on “The Story Hints From Legion That No One Noticed: The “Maw” Of Souls

  1. Naglfar, a fearsome ship formed from sinew and bone” I immediately thought of Maldraxxus…:O

    My crazy theory, as I have told you before, that Golganneth made Helheim…Maybe as a favor for Odin to punish his people for whatever may arise. What if Harbaron is actually a Titan watcher or keeper of the Zone? :O We know that Constellars and Titans have close genetical traits…different offshoot of the same tree?

    “Helya and her cult are strong here. So close to the truth, yet so far.” Again, my theory is that Xal is talking about how Helheim is indeed a realm of the Shadowlands but its not true, while technically it is, Shadowlands is supposed to be a freeing experience…where free will reigns free…not purpose. Just like Helheim as well as the Shadowlands we see today, Everyone has a purpose and a duty to complete. Just as the Titans would approve of: Absolute Order.

    “So, this guy Harbaron knew about this cycle as well. And he was a debt collector, more specificly, blood/soul depth collector. And he was wielding a Cosmic Scythe.”

    Try this on for size:
    Blood/Soul…Life Essence/Death Essence…Anima is also that essence of Death. Point being? Could Harbaron be a Broker? :O

    I think Death and Void are aligned for now…only because Life, Light, and Order have teamed up. I think Disorder was actually neutral. Disorder is allowed to exist and lumped up with the Void and Death b/c Life is chaotic and unpredictable…just like Disorder. Disorder is really irrelevant now until Sargares gets out…so unless Zovaal’s plan includes jail breaking Mr. S, Disorder will not be there to cause trouble.

    Don’t forget that Death is still chained up, “Then they will see Death was never meant to be chained.”

    And every single Old God we have ever seen was chained up and imprisoned…


    1. I’m sure Nagifar is somewhat aligned with The Maw actually, but if I align it with your theory aboht Golganneth was the one who created Helheim, it would go like that:

      At this point we do not know the origins of Helheim, It is most likely a sub-realm of The Maw rather than being an actual part of the Shadowlands. So, if Golganneth was the one who created Helheim to punish Odyn’s Valkyr, it would make sense. May be The Primus helped the construction of the ship and they put Harbaron (I’m %100 sure he is a Constaller by the way) to take care the souls abord into Helheim.

      But in this sense, Helheim was actually created by The Primus, what would be the deal between Harbaron and Helya?

      Yes, his duty was probably about collecting Anima through flesh and blood.

      Yes, ı agree Death and Void are aligned and working together. That was what I have been speculating for a long time and it also fits one of our core theories about The First Ones. Against Order-Life-Light who have created this veil, this prison around us. Though the First Ones trying to manipulate The Naaru to manifest inside our realms.

      Oh, chains and Old Gods? Chained by domination, gotta think about that.

      Also, The First Ones may also directly tied with Order and Light, talk about that soon.

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      1. I am not saying its not part of the Maw…but an encapsulated realm of the Maw.

        The Maw is still mysterious as hell or rather Oribos. Every region, including Korthia, has a background storyline that explains why it exists…mainly the denizens in those regions. The Maw is a complete mystery. We see “first one” portals…and everything seems to be destroyed in what appears to be a cataclysmic event…like a Sundering of sorts. Is the Maw the end result of complete near starvation of Anima? Or was this due to the internal civil war that occurred when the original Arbiter decided to seek forbidden knowledge of the original sigils? My speculation is that the sigils were given to the EOs by the Titans…not the First Ones. (First Ones exist or existed along with what Steve Deusar called the “Clockmaker”…we just probably won’t ever see them as that would probably be the end of the MMO..imo…yet that would not disprove your grand theory of the First Ones being or becoming Void Lords)

        Is Helya a titan keeper while Odyn is the Titan watcher? Are we to assume that Titan creations would have the same knowledge of the Titans themselves? I did some research in my post that it appears that Titans and Constellars are either the same race varied in their development meaning that Constellars will become Titans as we have seen each Titan had a Constellar form present in the Argus raid when they arrive at the Pantheon or they are of the same originals different offshoots…like cousins or something.

        I think that the forces of Order are the ones who chained up death…The “Purpose” or duty proves this idea. I think the Brokers could created by the Titans to spy on everyone and everything…their verbial “Eyes and Ears” of the Titans. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place having to decide if keeping Sargeras imprisoned (allowing Shadowlands to fall) or intervening with our meddlings in the Shadowlands (allowing Sargeras to escape to save their precious design/purpose)?

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  2. I believe The Maw was the centre of The Shadowlands where Zovaal stands and judge souls. So thoe ruins on the background always took my attention. And that First One portal standing in the Maw was another evidence we suggested for our theory. I don’t think the sigils were given by The Titans if they are NOT the First Ones after all. Because, The Titans are in the same “tier” of power in the Cosmic Chart so they cant give their so called brethren a power beyond them. Also, probably due to the abuse of Anima The Eternal Ones are stronger.

    Actually, the terms “Titan Watchers” and “Keepers” were combined into just “Titan Keepers” in Chronicles so, Helya was another Titan Keeper just like Freya or Thorim. Odyn had control over her because he was the kinda prime Titan Keeper. I don’t think The Titans would share their knowledge about the Shadodwlands with their servants, they would find them unworthy.

    As I know Constellars are a different race on their own but they are probably originated from “Order” as well. Titans are originated from World Souls and its described they had a “constellar form” before birth.
    Its likely they are cousins or similar, yeah.

    Yes, I also think Order chained up Death but teamed up with Life, Light and The Eternal Ones. As I guess The Primus was the one who came up with the idea of “Domination Magic” and used it to chain down death, imprison The First Ones and Titans chained down The Old Gods.

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  3. I commented on an Old post on Reddit but since that is tied in with your latest post here and it is about the FIRST ONES, I would say this:

    “So close to the truth yet so far!”

    “All eyes will be opened, do not let yours be closed!!”, “Listen. Listen. Listen. LISTEN, you were right to doubt them!!!”

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  4. What if Zovaal needed the 5 sigils to make his own ultimate version of Frostmourne?
    Frost Sigil: The sigil of the Winter queen, when snow comes the land decays and rots in preparation for Spring.
    Unholy Sigil: The sigil of the Primus, Death is an unrelenting, toxic, and contagious force capable of Destroying all.
    Blood Sigil: The Sigil of the Sire Denathrius, with the extraction of blood a soul becomes pure, complacent, obedient. With the power of blood within you you are unstoppable and godlike.
    Sigil of Runic power: Sigil from Kyrestia Firstborne, allows the user to access the powerful ancient runic magic.(The blue aura from Death Knight’s eyes is powerful ARCANE ENERGY.)
    Sigil of DEATH: Sigil from Zovaal, grants the wearer the ability to access DEATH magic

    And this frostmourne would be the key to open the way…


    1. The better question should be why did Sargeras wanted to create a Dark Pantheon? Why did he want to resurrect the Order pantheon titan souls into the Dark titans? Why was Argus called the Death Titan by Sargeras? What was Sargeras looking for?

      Sargeras claimed Azeroth was his final Prize,
      N’zoth claimed Azeroth is the True Prize,
      Zovaal claims Azeroth was his promised Prize.

      Except for N’zoth, both Sargeras and Zovaal wanted the essence/ Sigils of their fellow pantheon members to access something! Since Sargeras along with the Titans were pantheon of order. He had to mimic the Death Pantheon aka the Dark Pantheon so he claim what ever is inside the world. Why is Azeroth connected to the Death/ Dark Pantheon? What is the Foundation/ corner stone of Death?

      If you really want to know the ending of Shadowlands, it is already in game. Azeroth warned us in fact! She foretold patch 7.3 ending, patch 8.3 ending and also patch 9.3 ending.

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      1. Thank you for great comments you both! This is why I like writing articles, for this brainstorming.

        So, to answer you both:

        I agree of an idea for a “Zovaal-sized Frostmourne” for him to use. Thsi way, they would implicate him being the real Lich King even more, coupled with his armor. I also liked your analysis for each Covenant, they are just like how I see them.

        But to way to where? I mean, if the way was supposed to the way into Zereth Mortis after all, it has been opened. This lead me to the question: What knowledge Zovaal actually tore from Roh-Kalo’s mind? He captured him AFTER he started to sought the Covenant sigils so he was supposed to know about Zereth Morthis and how to open the portal into there and stuff.

        So, I actually agree with the idea of “Azeroth being at the center of everything” as well because it also fits my theories. I believe the reason why Sargeras wanted to create his own Dark Pantheon was to pursue his goals even further. To claim Azeroth’s World Soul and as you said to “claim” it, not to kill it.

        And to be honest, I won’t be surprised if we ended up in Azeroth for our final raid during 9.3. I believe the “key” Zovaal seeks to reset the creation is inside The Sepulcher, locked away in Zereth Mortis.But may be the “machine” to trigger it hidden Azeroth? That’s entirely possible because during the Tazavesh introductary scenario, we have actually learned that there is something about The First Ones is hidden Azeroth.

        For the Frostmourne theory again,can we actually imagine it as Infinity Gauntlet then? Five sigils, combined into an ultimate weapon for our “version” of Thanos?

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  5. While I agree that Shadowlands breadcrumbs were sowed back in Legion and then it continued in BFA, the mention of the first ones was sowed far far back. The first instance in game in a way was from the Puzzle Box of Yogg saron.

    Also, fate and time are interconnected. Azeroth is the Prison/ Prism of Fate. What did Nozdormu saw as the ending of the main timeline and embraced the void, turning into Murozond and wanting to bring the timeline of the Twilight of all existence, to be consumed by the void? and claimed that it will be a blessing that we may not comprehend. How did Amanthul play a part in this? The answers to these questions may reveal you small glimpse into the grand scheme of things.

    Adding up to what Danuser told about Shadowlands being the pivotal expansion of the great meta arc of all wow expansions, if you didn’t realize, just like the first ones being sowed all the way back, the first instance of the Nathrezim being the unseen ones comes from the book that was released before WOTLK went live. Yogg saron did warn all of us that we were all pawns of forces UNSEEN! The cunning ones kneel before 6 but they serve only 1 was only a continuation of that whisper!

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    1. Hmm, which whisper in particular was referring to The First Ones you think? I listened them a lot of times.

      I also believe Azeroth is at the center of everything and the idea of fate and time are connected. Consider it like that: Time can be manipulated, we saw it in WoW a lot of times. An now there is a boss named FateSCRIBE Roh-Kalo, using quotes like;

      “Fate unfolds! A thousand threads frayed and torn!” or
      “Threads of fate, pullled bare!”.

      So, considering what Zovaal and Sylvanas want to do is changing the current system, may be what they want is actually to break the bonds of fate? Just like how Medivh mentioned it back in Legion? May be not our afterlives, but even our lives have been “scribed” somewhere before our birth. And we have no chance to have a real choice during our lifetimes. Even how we would live is scripted so in the end, which Covenant of the Shadowlands we would go was even… pre determined?

      And yes, Yogg’s whisper:
      “You are a pawn of forces unseen” and Il’gynoth’s:

      “The cunning ones kneel before six masters” were great breadcrumbs. And I think you refer to the Ashbringer comics and the Balnazzar quote about Nathrezim and Death, right?

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      1. If you find the connection between one of the whispers of Puzzle Box of Yogg saron and Fate scribe Roh-Kalo, the missing links that I am not explicit about!, you will understand why the whisper:

        “So close to the truth, yet so far” makes sense and in a way, it applies to you as well, esp. in this post. I would want you to experience the eye opening moment of the Old Gods and the Void yourself. The deduction makes it worthwhile and interesting. If I mention any of the missing links to the above, I would pretty much be giving you the potential possible identity of the First ones, which you in a way know already but you are not seeing it.

        The EMBRACE could be connected to it but I do not think that this will directly reveal the identity of the First ones.

        Anyway, I know I am very vague about this but let me give you a heads-up. Start with those various Prophetic pamphlets from Legion, maybe some of them will lead you to the connection. The crucial connecting link is also in Legion, a particular boss!

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  6. First of all, welcome among us, oh dear Lore Magus!
    Welcome to our realm of madness and conspiracy! :>

    Thanks a lot for noticing our mad babbles and finding your way here to leave your comments.


    In light of what you imply, I have re-read the Prophetic Pamphlet:
    Which was just one of the pamphlets that were given out by the Validated Doomsayers after Argus appeared on the skies of Azeroth.


    An interesting note of detail that has to be given here should be the Hearthstone card with the same name:
    That arrived with the expansion “Whispers of the Old Gods” :>

    We know Hearthstone is not canon but refers some very interesting upcoming canon, like the return of N’Zoth in 8.2.

    Considering the notes here, I guess we can all say, these Doomsayers are agents of the Void, or members of the Twilight’s Hammer Cult.

    They were seemingly supporting Sargeras and Legion, but of course they weren’t.
    They support the Void.

    Check these quotes:

    “The Light has forsaken us!”

    and especially this:

    “The world will be shaped anew!”

    So, as we have somewhat “foreseen” in our “Exiled in the Void: The First Ones!” theory, let’s do a small linking:

    Doomsayers say “SARGERAS DID NOTHING WRONG” and “SARGERAS MUST SUCCEED IN HIS MISSION.” in the Prophetic Pamphlet.

    But, who had convinced Sargeras to start this “Burning Crusade”?

    The Nathrezim

    Also known as… The Dreadlords.

    Who are they loyal to?

    Sire Denathrius



    The big picture becomes even more clearer now:

    Everything was planned and set for the Void Lords; the return of the First Ones!

    To save them from exile and welcome them back into the Warcraft Cosmos:
    The Great Dark Beyond.

    Because, they have constructed the original design of the cosmos, they have put Zovaal in its center as their original Arbiter of Souls.

    After saving himself from imprisonment, it’s only natural for Zovaal to seek out the knowledge to save them and invite them back to their creation.

    Only problem is…

    As we have warned before…
    While Zovaal was jailed, too much time has passed and The First Ones that created him may not be the ones he has once known anymore!

    Now they are the Void Lords who infested the universe with their Old Gods to seek out a way to inject their influence and find their way back.

    What we have not mentioned in our original theory was the Elune part.

    We guess she may be the most influential First One over the cosmos, she used every possible tool in her arsenal to do so.

    She thought the Night Elves the Wisp technique and with that how to harness natural Anima powers to avoid Shadowlands and use Anima/Soul Magic for their benefit and relevant immortality.

    She totally has a very scary “Dark Side”.

    And most importantly, she is the creator of the Naaru.

    Which are beings, naturally when devoid of their Light, turn into Void Gods; which we guess is their actual true form. Naaru is just a shell that Elune has created for them to infiltrate the physical realm and cosmos. A more elegant method but in its aim, ironically not that very far from the Old Gods; whose clear link is known to the Void, but with Naaru, it can be very casually hidden.

    Considering everything happened related with Elune, Naaru and the Light they abused, we can almost be sure this is what’s happening in the bigger picture.

    I guess, that’s all I can summarize for now.
    But worry not, all our eyes are open and we WILL see!



    1. So, mighty Lore Magus, could Varimathras be the one you mentioned about that particular boss from Legion? So, lets take a look at a few of his quotes back in Antorus:

      “It matters not. You are blind to the true darkness closing in around you.”
      “It matters not. You are blind to the darkness in your midst.”

      So, considering the fact he was a servant of Sire, we can be sure that he meant Death, and the darkness of The Maw in particular. Because in my opinion, “Death’s true face” has been represented in The Maw, and as we speculated before, it has been hidden behind the veil. You know, the secret, dark realm we pass when we enter one of the Rift Porlals in Korthia, The Rift was one of the parts that has been hidden.

      “Tell me, when she seized your throne of hides and bones, was your allegiance forced? No… I’d wager you surrendered it willingly… or were convinced you did.”

      I was always curious about one thing since the first time I heard this, how did Varimathtas knew exactly how Sylvanas was appointed as a Warchief? After all, at that time he was in the hands of Shivarra and under torture. So, one or more characters in the Warchief’s room back in that room, was a Nathrezim? :>

      “Death… claims… us all.”

      So, considering he was actually originated from the Shadowlands, the realm of Death, this line much and much more sense.


      1. Ask yourself if Varimathras is the connection between the following whisper and Fatescribe Roh-Kalo:

        “The stars sweep chill currents that make men shiver in the dark.”

        I have pretty much revealed a significant information.

        “Give in. Accept the embrace. Listen.
        Listen. Listen. Listen. LISTEN.”

        Aernath, with the above whispers, check again the Legion pamphlets in connection with Shadowlands, whose ending will bring the end of all things, everything we know will be remade.


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