Analysis Of The Grimoire Of The Shadowlands: First Glance.

First and foremost, I’m aware of the recent accusations about Blizzard and I made my statement about them. In this blog, all I want to cover is the lore of the game and speculations, so please keep that in mind. Let’s dive in!

The long-awaited “ chronicles” about The Shadowlands and Beyond have finally been published: The Grimoire of The Shadowlands and Beyond! While I cannot afford the book at the moment, I had the chance to read plenty of lore inside it thanks to a Twitter user named Auri who shared a plenty of its pages to the public. Let’s go part by part and check  if any of our theories has been confirmed.

The Maw Was the Original Center of The Shadowlands, Confirmed?

According to one of the tweets of the user, you can “reveal” Torghast hidden behind Oribos due to the transparency of its jacket. I think this is the strongest confirmation of our theory about The First Ones being Void Lords and The Maw was the original capital city of The Shadowlands. With every drop of lore throughout 9.1, I can connect The First Ones with The Void easier.

Exiled in The Void: The First Ones!

Why The Refined Cosmology Chart Is Not A Retcon?

One of the recent dramas in the community was if the “ new” cosmology chart drawn by the author of the book, a nameless Broker, is a retcon. No, it was not. If you examine it without prejudice, you can see nothing has actually changed. All that Broker did was to re-order the Csomic Forces according to his side of view and provide us incredible illustrations.

So, we will probably see different versions of this chart made by other Cosmological Forces. And if, -for example- in The Light’s point of view, one of the Cosmological Forces or their elements would be missing (such as the absence of The Void in the chart.) then we can call it “retcon”.

It amuses me to see how our author, the mysterious Broker, made fun of The Titans, their hubris and the narrow view of their races. I guess Blizzard wrote this paragraph completely on purpose, to mock a certain content creator and his -now confirmed- completely nonsense head-cannon. Titans are just a part of the Cosmic Order, not the “ultimate gods” of everything.

Now, let’s get to the fun part. Let’s examine the chart a bit, shall we?

The entire section of Death has been associated with snakes and chains.

Life finally gets his official symbol. A giant tree with its leaves and roots AND also the other head of the snake ended up there. We will talk about it later.

Ouroboros references are real in this chart. The snake which has been eating its own tail for eternity. The entire cycle of Life and Death,

Also, the part of the snake which has been circling around the “Death” part of the cycle has been illustrated as a skeleton, while the one representing the Life part is actually “alive”.

Also, the chains. Come on! My theory for Jailer being the actual Arbiter has been confirmed and even from the perspective of a Broker, Oribos and The Arbiter has been surrounded by Chains of Domination.  So, why has The Arbiter been represented as the “ Matron “ of Death if she was just a usurper?


The Arbiter Has Been Created To Replace Zovaal

Because, the Broker had only known The Arbiter in his lifetime as the ruler of Oribos. So he acknowledges her as a regular member of The Pantheon of Death.

The chart itself can be a blog post of its own. So just some little more details to point out:

Burning Legion is literally “Disorder” at the moment. So they know about The Legion and its presence, surprised? I wasn’t.

And the representation of Light is interesting as well. A literal plane of.. Light? No Naaru here.

And Shadow has been represented without the Void Lords. But rather with a giant Old God wrapped around a planet.

We learned at the beginning of this patch that the Brokers have actually been working for The First Ones so, to be honest I take this version of the chart as the perspective of The First Ones. Which as I’ve speculated before, centered around the cycle of Life and Death and The Great Cycle. Azeroth is still at the center of everything, but in the perception of The Titans, it was Reality.

My Theory About The Purpose of The Wisps and Why Sylvanas Burned Down Teldrassil!

Well, one of my own theories has yet again been confirmed. Almost a year ago I pointed out the fact that The Night Elves may be depriving Anima of the Shadowlands by their natural trait; they become Wisps when they die and help their kin for eternity. But in doing so, they also deny Shadowlands of Anima, the biggest crime you can act against The Shadowlands and a free-ticket to be condemned to The Maw for eternity.

The Night Elves Depriving Shadowlands Of Anima

So, I’m sorry Night Elf players but your race is a direct aggression against the order of The Shadowlands most of you think is rightful. Because Sylvanas did evil things and Zovaal is evil as well, right?

The reason why Sylvanas burned down Teldrassil is actually obvious at this point. If you are ready to admit it of course.  She burned down to the tree for 2 reasons, one was the obvious and the easy answer, the other homewer…

The “obvious” answer for why she burned down Teldrassil was because she wanted to break The Night Elves’ hope. After Saurfang spared Malfurion’s life, Sylvanas decided to burn down the tree to break the Night Elves’ hope.


After this “ shocking” revelation about the Night Elves, I can safely assume the reason why Sylvanas burned down Teldrassil was to send the countless Wisps inhabited Teldrassil to where they belong, to The Maw. So, how does this fit in our theory about Elune and The First Ones?

After the banishment of Zovaal and The First Ones, The Eternal Ones got more and more greedy of Anima. Due to their imprisonment inside The Void, The First Ones’ influence upon the mortal plane is really limited.

All the First Ones could do to send The Old Gods and The Naaru to infiltrate the mortal realms. But Elune found another way to deny Anima from The Eternal Ones. After the Yshaarj accident and the Well of Eternity was formed, using the Arcane energies of the supposed World Soul of Azeroth, Elune managed to intervene and rendered The Night Elves as Wisps. Remember, the entire Night Elf Society has been formed around The Well Of Eternity and Elune. And they have been transformed into The Night Elves from Dark Trolls after they have been affected by the energies of The Well of Eternity.

Before the next week’s revolution of Elune, I will cover this week’s storyline about The Nathrezim as well. Fair to say, it was the best questline of The Shadowlands so far in my opinion.

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