Death, The Jailer, Nathrezim, The Burning Legion, And The Relationship Between Them.

We may have some cosmic scaled problems ahead of us...

I’ve been blogging for one and a half a year now. And my very first blog post was about “Why The Burning Legion Is At The Center Of The Warcraft Universe”. Due to I’ve recently started blogging fully English, I may need to explain a bit:

Long-story-short: From the forging of The Alliance and The Horde in the first place, the transformation of Xavius, who led to Emerald Dream’s corruption, to the creation of The Lich King, those guys had a hand almost every major event happened at Warcraft lore. Hence why The Legion is a core part of Warcraft lore.

There are so many commanders of the Legion left such as Archimonde, Mannoroth, and other Pitlords and Dreadlords we did not encounter during Legion. So, demons and Legion are still out there, gravely wounded but not destroyed. And I was almost sure we will see their effects on the realm of death when Shadowlands announced. Turned out I was not wrong after all!


Recently a really interesting voice file appeared on Youtube, which belongs to Primus. Probably one of the most interesting and mysterious characters of Shadowlands. We learned he had a prophecy about the ones who will save the Shadowlands, but what he told us was a mystery until recently. Now we heard what he had to say, and there are some really interesting lines:

Ages ago, the Eternal Ones punished our brother Zovaal for his treachery. He was bound within the inescapable Maw, to be forevermore its Jailer.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there were some implications throughout the Alpha and Beta for Zovaal’s ( its Jailer’s real name) “purpose” was different but he had exiled to The Maw. The thing is, yes he looks a badass evil guy. And I had to admit it would be cool to have such a big bad dude, knowing we will face him at the end. But, I can’t help but wonder, what if he is a Sargeras-like character?

“Now I fear that Zovaal did not act alone. I suspect he had ancient allies… and will seek to win others to his cause.

I mean, who can be those ancient allies? Maybe a Titan? A Titan who saw the flaws of creation as well, and wished to end it rather than being a puppet of some bigger force just like his brethren at The Patheon Of Order? Yes, Sargeras and his mighty army. Agree with me or not, The Legion was the most well-organized military force of the cosmos and one of the biggest obstacles before The Light and The Void. Preventing them to rapidly spread their influence across the cosmos.

I recently talked about the undeniable connections between The Shadowlands and The Legion. Which most of the community chose to ignore until Blizzard decided to be really obvious. No need to delve into the same topic again so, I would not be surprised if one of Jailer’s ancient allies was Sargeras and his army. Both – probably- saw the flaws of the creation and decided to end it. Just like how Sylvanas said at the end of Shadows Rising:

And so she continued, for power sought power, and she would have more of it, not for its own sake, but to wield it. The unjust ladder of their lives must be dismantled, not rung by rung, but all at once. All of it.

She had been the plaything of a self-righteous cosmos long enough. The Jailer, too, understood what must be done.

By the way, please don’t look at me like this, I wish the creation to end that is true. But that is not because I’m a demon with horns or something, I only hate it when someone else dictates me what to do or even decides my fate instead of myself. Me too would like to see the creation – or rather the prison- ended in flames rather than being a part of a “clock”. Did I just say prison and clock? You have to check what I’m rambling about here.

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