“The Path Is Flawed!”


You must return to the path!

If he had purged his life, we never would have known this calamity. The path is flawed!”

As I said, thanks to the powerful impact of Frostmourne and the strength of Uther’s anima, Devos realizes Frostmourne, an artifact of The Maw runs free in mortal realms. In the hand of an agent, Devos claims, Arthas Menethil. While it is fun and interesting to see how even the slightest mention of The Maw growing stronger, can cause tension inside the other realms of Shadowlands, it is really interesting that Arthas called as an agent of The Maw. Frostmourne and The Helm Of Domination had been forged inside Torghast, right? And Devos recognized the influence of the Jailer by the runes of the blade.

Kil’jaeden or Sargeras knew about the Shadowlands and aware of the jJailer.

In World Of Warcraft: Chronicles Volume 3, it is unmistakably clear that Dreadlords had a hand in crafting the armor of The Lich King. Let me quote from the book itself:

The dreadlords who had helped torment Ner’zhul and craft his armor would accompany him to Azeroth. They would be both jailors and executors, meant to hasten the Lich King’s task by any means necessary.

My take in this is, they gave a clear message that Dreadlord’s hands touched the armor one way or another in the process of crafting, not afterward.

So, in this sense, a dark agent who served the Burning Legion carries armor forged in The Maw is a big topic for another time. So, let us keep our focus on the animation. The instant Devos raised her concerns about the path, Archon dismantles her. A paragon of her “order”, just because she raised a voice against them. Led to Devos finally break her bonds with the oppression of The Archon and bigots of Bastion.

Now, there are two options;

First, Devos was a faithful servant of Bastion, recognized the error of their ways, and decided to join The Jailer, who himself is jailed to his place in the first place. Because her Archon, who she put her faith the most, disbanded her instantly like she was nothing but a regular ant in the society of ants. And she was not allowed to change the mind of others in Bastion as well.

The other option is, Jailer had already reached Devos and convinced her at the time Devos took Uther onto Bastion. This may explain why she had already starting to question how trustworthy Arbiter is, or why she emphasized the evil has already sealed to Maw, so there should be no problem at the mortal realms. And can also explain why she basically accepted Archon’s order and instantly went to Uther to make him a Forsworn, as had it already planned. But that option raises the question: If Devos had already working with the Jailer, why she let Archon know and be aware of his plots and growing power? To sow the seeds of fear and doubts, maybe? As Devos herself becomes a Paragon Of Doubt later.


Another focus of the cinematic is the difference -or similarities?- between vengeance and justice. And how Uther became the one he hated, Arthas himself in a way. Uther, the one who said Arthas before, that they must not seek vengeance because they are paladins, became a paragon of vengeance in a sense. But using the word Justice instead of Vengeance to redeem himself.

And why I said Uther became Arthas in a way? Because in Warcraft 3, Arthas stated his only desire was having his vengeance for his people just before taking Frostmourne. His soul was burning with the desire for vengeance, not with “flames of justice” as how a Paladin should have. And Uther’s soul was burning with the desire for vengeance too, but he convinced himself that he was doing the “right” thing in the name of justice. While later (warning: heavy beta spoilers ahead!) he confessed himself otherwise:

Uther: Every time I close my eyes, I see my death. I see… him… standing before me, that cursed blade in hand…

Uther: Devos convinced me that my death was wrong. She promised me justice

Uther: What we did to him was not justice. It was vengeance.

I guess more can be said about the animation in the future, as I will watch it more and more again. But there will be other animated covenant videos as well. So to sum up:

Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion provides us an insight into the relationship between the desire for vengeance and justice, the oppresive environment throughout the Shadowlands, why should you never forget what you went through while you are alive and why we should always question and criticize the ones at authority.

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